Rochester Quadrajet Carburetor Rebuilding,
Unwarping and Bushing Kits.

DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT REBUILDING ANOTHER ROCHESTER FOUR BARREL QUADRAJET CARBURETOR without installing the Barker Bushing Kit and using the Barker Un-Warping Tool to un-warp the fuel float assembly and air horn sections, and repair the 41 factory defects, including all the soft plugs. Our bushings are made from stainless steel with 7% lead impregnated to minimize friction and prolong the life of the throttle shaft. The Barker Throttle Shaft Bushings will never ware out!! We also can rebuild your Rochester Quadrajet carburetor and repair all the defects. To assist, we have on line instructions for installing the Barker Bushing Kit, where the technician can view the easy service procedure.

Throttle Shaft Bushing Kit
Throttle Shaft Bushing Kit

Bushing Throttle Shaft Jobber Kit
Bushing Throttle Shaft Jobber Kit
Enough to Rebush 5 Throttle Shafts

$129.00 A Value of $245.00 !!
Barker Un-Warping Tool
Barker Un-Warping Tool

No Longer Available
Rochester Quadrajet rebuild services
Basic Quadrajet Carburetor RebuildIncludes: Throttle Shaft Bushing Kit, Un-Warping of the air horn and fuel float bowl pieces and fix all 41 factory defects. $399.00 *Core Charges May Apply*

Plus Shipping and Handling

Call 303-433-1819 for pricing on
Computer Quadrajet Rebuilding

The purpose of installing this bushing kit is to eliminate the vacuum leaks at the throttle shaft thereby increasing engine response. This is one of main contributing factor to a rough idle or no idle. However if your Quadrajet carburetor has other problems you may not notice the benefit of the bushing kit, so additional repairs maybe needed. Such as to the fuel float bowl and air horn assemblies because they are more than likely warped. In the 38 plus years Dennis Barker has been un-warping the Quadrajet carburetor it has been his experience that most every Quadrajet carburetor is warped to some degree. One of the most common byproducts of a warped Quadrajet is the loss of vacuum to the power piston. The power piston vacuum circuit is between the fuel float bowl and the throttle shaft plate. When the fuel float bowl is warped, the thick gasket looses it's sealing properties due the warping effect thus resulting in lose of vacuum to the power piston with results of poor performance. All of these contributing factors add up to what is known as the dreaded Quadrajet bog. For more information call 303-433-1819 and get the real scoop of how your Quadrajet can be rebuilt to a greater level performance then when it was new.

From bushing kits to un-warping and rebuilding your Rochester Quadrajet carburetors, Dennis Barker, the Barker Gang Garage has the solution you need. If you prefer to do your own work we offer the tools for sale to accomplish the job. But if service is what you're after you can send us your Quadrajet carburetor. As a matter of fact, you can send us any carburetor from any type of vehicale and we'll have it running on our "dyno-motor' better than when it was new.

If you do choose to do your own carburetor overhaul, it is highly recommended that the Rochester Quadrajet you're intending to install this bushing kit into be thoroughly cleaned. The best recommendation would be to install this bushing kit in conjunction with the use of the Quadrajet Un-Warping service.

When you send to us your carburetor make sure you use a sturdy box and adequate packing material so the carburetor/parts will not rattle around. We will not and can not be held responsible for any type of damage incurred in the shipping process. Pack your Quadrajet carburetor with adequate packing as if it will be use like football…

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