Rochester Quadrajet Carburetor Rebuilding Unwarping and Barker Bushing Kits DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT REBUILDING ANOTHER ROCHESTER FOUR BARREL QUADRAJET CARBURETOR without installing the Barker Bushings© Kit or unwarp your fuel float bowl assembly and air horn sections, and repair the 41 factory defects, including all the soft plugs.  Our Barker Bushings© are made from an engineered stainless steel with 7% lead impregnated to minimize friction and prolong the life of the throttle shaft.  The Barker Bushings© will virtually never ware out!!  We also can rebuild your Rochester Quadrajet carburetor and repair all the defects and we'll have it running on our "dyno-motor' better than when it was new. Economy mined do-it-yourselfers are encouraged to send us their Quadrajet fuel float bowl and air horn assemblies for our exclusive Quadrajet Unwarping procedure. We have recently added this a la cart service as a cost saving befit to budget rebuilders.  However we can’t guarantee you a successful Quadrajet rebuild as there are many factors to consider when rebuilding the Quadrajet carburetor. To assist, we have on line instructions for installing the Barker Bushing Kit©, where the technician can view the easy service procedure.    Are you into racing a Quadrajet ?  We can build you a race ready Q-Jet. Unwarping Quadrajet Carburetors 970-779-0233 Find out more about SEMA.
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Barker Bushing Kit contains 2 Stainless Steel bushings with a 7% lead mixture, 1 drill guide pin and 5 replacement panhead hex throttle butterfly screws all for $29.00.  This Quadrajet bushing will never ware out !! Barker Bushing Kit contains 10 Stainless Steel bushings with a 7% lead mixture, 1 drill guide pin and 25 replacement panhead hex throttle butterfly screws all for $109.00.  This Quadrajet bushing will never ware out !!(May have other pakaging)
Jobber Kit for 5 Throttle Shafts $128.99 plus shipping
Quadrajet Unwarping We now offer Unwarping Service for the Fuel Float  Bowl & Air Horn Bodies Only for the DIY for $99.00 For More Info About this Click Here We Also Offer to Rebush the Throttle Plate with our Unique Stain Steel $99.00 plus shipping
Don’t fooled by so called Q-Jet rebuilders who machine or file your irreplaceable Quadrajet into worthless junk. Basic Quadrajet Carburetor Rebuild Includes: Throttle Shaft Bushing Kit, Unwarping of the air horn and fuel float bowl pieces and fix all 41 factory defects. $399.00plus return shipping *Core Charges May Apply* *Other Charges May Apply* Call 970-779-0233 for pricing on Computer Quadrajet Rebuilding In the 45 plus years I, Dennis Barker have been unwarping Quadrajet carburetors it has been my experience that most EVERY Quadrajet carburetor is warped to some degree and the throttle plate “bushings” are out of round and worn out due to the stress of hard acceleration or years of use with particular ware to the throttle cable side “bushing”. Please beware of inferior throttle shaft bushings as many companies make more expensive bushings or make them out brass, copper or even nylon claim to have the ultimate bushing. The kits are price much higher and these materials are no match to our superior  stainless steel with 7% impregnated lead.  These Barker Bushings© are guaranteed for the life of the carburetor and will outlast and outperform any other bushing material period !! One of the most common byproducts of a warped Quadrajet is the loss of vacuum to the power piston.  The power piston vacuum circuit located between the fuel float bowl and the throttle shaft plate.  When the fuel float bowl is warped, the thick gasket looses its sealing properties due the warping effect thus resulting in loss of vacuum to the power piston which results in poor performance and poor gas mileage.  All of these contributing factors add up to what is known as the dreaded Quadrajet bog, rough idle or no idle. My stainless steel Barker Bushings© can be used to rebush almost any carburetor that has a 5/16s throttle shaft.  We can also rebuild any type of carburetor for any application.    For more information call me at 970-779-0233 and get the real scoop of how your Quadrajet can be rebuilt to a greater level of performance then when it was new. We also provide a high performance Quadrajet rebuilding service for those who race or want a modified Quadrajet carburetor. Call for warranty information.
From stainless steel Barker Bushings© kits to unwarping your Quadrajet bodies, rebuilding your Rochester Quadrajet carburetors to racing modifications, Dennis Barker, the Barker Gang Garage has the solution you need.  But if service and the best carburetor rebuild is what you're after you can send us your Quadrajet carburetor. As a matter of fact, you can send us any carburetor from any type of vehicle and we'll have it running on our "dyno-motor' better than when it was new.
When you send to us your carburetor make sure you use a sturdy box and adequate packing material so the carburetor/parts will not rattle around. We will not and can not be held responsible for any type of damage incurred in the shipping process.  Pack your Quadrajet carburetor with adequate packing as if it will be use like football !!
For Rebuild Service Information Call 970-779-0233
For Rebuild Service Information Call  970-779-0233
We NEVER SWAP YOUR CARBURETOR BODIES, THROTTLE PLATES or         PARTS UNLESS WE GET YOUR AUTHORIZATION IN WRITING The purpose of installing this bushing kit is to eliminate the vacuum leaks at the throttle shaft thereby increasing engine response. This is one of main contributing factors to a rough idle or no idle. You may have noticed after a careful examination of the looseness of throttle shaft that in most cases will be on the throttle cable side if not both sides of the throttle plate are wallered out.  The cable side of the throttle plate “bushing” receives the most stress thereby causing critical ware in the aluminum throttle plate resulting in vacuum leak. The throttle plate contains no factory “bushings” of any kind as the hardened throttle shaft after only a few years of use simply wares away the softer aluminum material.  However if your Quadrajet carburetor has other problems you may NOT notice the benefit of the Barker Bushings© kit, so additional repairs maybe needed to your Quadrajet such as the fuel float bowl and air horn assemblies because they are more than likely warped to some degree.  Even if you choose to have me rebuild your Quadrajet or any other carburetor, there may be other issues to factor in such as the condition of the application motor, ignition, cooling systems or other as of yet undiscovered problems you may have. If you choose to do your own carburetor overhaul, it is highly recommended that the Rochester Quadrajet you're intending to install the Barker Bushings© kit into be thoroughly cleaned. The best recommendation would be to install this Barker Bushings© kit in conjunction with the use of the Barker Gang Garage Quadrajet Unwarping© service. Or we can we install the Barker Bushings©, unwarp your Quadrajet for you.  Call for pricing.  Some warranties may not apply.